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Our Office

George Pappas works from eighteen in business he inherited from his grandfather and so far has registered 16,800 marriages under his belt. With five hundred euros annually undertakes to find the other half of its customers, likening his job with a travel agency: as one goes on to organize the journey and not looking to the lost, so just as with the match. Even the children are confident that they will prefer to get married in this way.

Our philosophy

After so many marriages made through your office, what do you think is the secret to a successful match?

To begin to tell you that I believe in the existence of absolute love and chemistry. I am here simply do the matchmaking and from there see if indeed the couple pulled. The right matchmaking’s the secret because it will likely bring attraction, chemistry, love and of course a serious commitment that will lead to the stairs of the church.

When you say matchmaking, what do you mean?

There is a form which our clients with complete honesty he commits, the law on false declaration. When someone pays an X amount for a service, such as finding a partner in this case obviously does not want to fly telling lies. He tells us the truth that we can find the Match it deserves to coincide wants and preferences of the person you would recommend. Just now I wrote a very nice lad, that his marriage ended because he is a fanatic winter swimmer and his ex-wife could not tolerate that his hobby. Now the man is looking for a girl to play sports in some way, to be able to understand, and have no problem to live in a suburb close to the sea.

But why wait for you to make their acquaintance? Do not you think that is more interesting to go out and flirt?

Tell me with hand on heart if you ever happen that would describe you. Says a friend of yours to go to a bar to have a drink, hopefully see no good kid because he has heard that there frequented by men of your taste. So you go and drink in the bar, you see a young man looks at you, do you like, likes and comes in cherry, if you’re lucky, of course, because no longer do this for fear of rejection. If the many to approach all that exists between you is an instinctive attraction. The you make but as Einstein said, it is pointless a chance meeting led to marriage. Such a clever man has said, not me. When you know someone in a night output the more likely it will tell some lies about yourselves to become liked and what remains to be seen the relationship. If you come to me you know the good and chougia the man who will go out appointment. As one sensible person tells the doctor lied because you have to know what happens to the patient to give him the appropriate treatment, so a dating agency does not tell anyone about himself things that do not apply.

Can you guarantee that that it is not even a question of infidelity in a meeting with match?

When a couple has met the outset for the purpose of marriage and both the man and woman have clear intentions and feelings, why cheat? If you meet someone and you are the woman of his life, not only because he considers himself but because I see and I say and I as the third, because seeing another girl out with nicer bodice and go with her? You will not feel the need to do so.

Well, suppose I join your office. How many appointments will need to go, based on your experience, to find the other half of me?

You may need to go out not one, but five, ten appointments, if you appetite and time I can impress the appointment to find one that’ll clicks. But no need to get in from below if you do not get lucky from the beginning because at the end of each evening will know if the one who chose you wants to know further or not. I will not afflicted with false hopes if you are both members of our office, because he will want to arrange another appointment if not interested as a person and you will get the phone and tell me that you are not and pleased that he showed you his sincere intentions macaws and I will have my mind the principal for not defamatory.

What is your opinion about internet dating internet;

The appointment to go out putting your data in a dating website is a big mistake. You think you will get out with an autonomous economic claims to be the dead spit Brant Pitt and believe me you will find yourself before bad surprises probably. Most of them are married are still looking in this way because they are tired of their relationship.

Have you ever had customers with both excessive demands to have trouble pairing them?

I want every customer is highly respected and not interfere with the requirements of anyone. Note everything and test them close the appointment. If some requirements are unrealistic remains to be seen when we coming appointments and can not be steriosei easily with someone. There is to understand that asking too much and will discuss it with me to see what we can do. If for example you want to go out anyway with a doctor and not lifting a word on it, I’ll find him. But if you go out with several and finally realize that you have in common, why are you doing a completely different job and they do not find some interest in you and reject e will tell you to begin to look no lawyer.

Why do you say come to your office?

Usually they tell me that they have no time to go out, searching and frustrated until they find the perfect match for them. The majority of our customers come either registered or have seen couples who were married to match jealous and healthy relationship and the love that unites them. I am also of the most successful in me why I do not just met, but I’m next to the couple when they decide to climb the stairs of the church and do not allow anyone to spend unnecessarily. I take care of the wedding dress and the suit until the wedding reception to find the best price for my customers.

I noticed on the ads you have on your page that most men posing as criteria for the ideal companion elements that have to do with the character of a woman, while many women are perpendicular to the profession has to do it they will come. why is this happening;

Women think more practical than men, especially when going to marry. The profession and economic security are basic criteria for concluding a marriage. So there are women who are looking for a private servant since, especially nowadays, there is a possibility to be dismissed while they have already found him, and have done little kid. A doctor, however, can leave the hospital working but more likely it will be able to open his own clinic. Those who make such criteria like this and think is reasonable.

Wedding Invitations they send?

Send me but unfortunately in recent years to avoid going because since then I started to go on television to recognize the guests if the couple has not revealed how he was, to recant my presence and I unwittingly confidentiality that guarantee.

How many marriages of them learned that lead to divorce?

Divorces are infinitesimal and if a customer I split again comes to me to rebuild his life. I find that people who I marry is overwhelmingly happy in marriage and does not repent for their selection.